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  1. MG

    First, many, many thanks for your help in researching my family history. The trip you arranged was my best day in the Czech Republic.

    I am at home in Chicago now, though had not intended to return until Oct. 6th after going to Dresden and Berlin. However, the last night I saw you in Prague I hurt my foot right before returning to the hotel. The next day I saw a doctor. The foot was not broken, but badly strained and he advised me to go home. As he said the first 3 days were the most important to have rest, I stayed in Prague and rested at the hotel on Saturday and Sunday and on Monday went to South Bohemia with Miroslav as you had arranged. That did not require a lot of walking and worked out fine.

    Lucie Bursikova had done some research and though she felt it was very little, I thought it was a great deal. It provided me with the names of my great-grandparents, both paternal and maternal, as well as their house numbers in their villages. I also learned that my grandmother’s first child, Josef was illegitimate, and 2 years later, my grandfather, Jan Velek married her and claimed the child.

    Miroslav escorted me to both villages and we definitely found my grandmother’s house. We found #9 in Kluky, and talked to the people inside and it is not clear whether that is the right house. There are many people with the name Velek in Kluky, however and we talked to 2 of them. There are 2 houses that seem to have the extended families of Veleks. They said that 3 people from one of those houses had gone to the United States in the 19th Century, but they didn’t know who they were. The whole of it was very interestin and Lucie Bursikova said that she will look for further details of the people in my family who she identified. Since I can’t read Czech, she understood that it is hard for me to do the research, even though records are available on line. She is really, really kind.

    Miroslav was perfect for the job and I thank you very much for arranging it. I certainly recommend him, should you have any other occasion to arrange such a thing.

    I also wish you much luck on your future job or whatever plans you have. You had mentioned that you were not continuing hotel work. Many thanks and warmest regards, Lois Baron

    PS. I will forward the files that Lucie found for me. LB

  2. MG

    Hi Miroslav:

    Thank you for the wonderful trip to Karlovy Vary that you had organized for us. We enjoyed your narrative and insights!
    I posted a review on trip advisor for both you and Hotel Leonardo. I also visited you websight but could not figure out how to post a review there.

  3. Jaana Kruth

    Hi Miroslav Gestberger

    Thank your so much for taking care of us from the airport and back. You gave us lots of information about Prague. Hope to see you soon :-)

    Jaana, Hanna, Ulla and Elina

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